Sunday, May 23, 2021

A Wee Break in the Programming


This week is a bit of an odd one, for I don't really have a project to share this week. 

Oh trust me, it not because the tank is dry in the ideas department, I have a long list of ideas and I have some in the hopper right now being worked on, however, I seem to have been afflicted this week by an issue that a lot of people seem to have - too much to do and not enough time to do it in. 

At this particular moment, I am in the midst of working through a series of custom orders for some signs that I have been making with my laser engraver and my CNC router. 

While it's been keeping me from tinkering with my next new thing, I am pretty happy to see that people are really liking what I pump out of my little workshop and that they like it well enough to shell out good money for it!

 A couple of things that I am working on at the moment are for some repeat customers, so the fact that people are actually willing to come back to me to make more stuff is really exciting to see. 

The other nice thing about doing custom orders is that it gives me fodder for my online shops. The rationale of course is that if someone likes a certain item, there are likely more that have the same needs. Because of this, I always make a duplicate of a custom item and post it up on the on line shop. 

It's been really surprising seeing what sort of demand there has been for something that came to me as a special request from someone. 

Between that and working the regular job - which is still important since I need to pay for my tools and wood somehow, I found myself with very little time left this week to work on that cool little something to showcase on these pages. 

However, the custom jobs are almost complete and a new week is ahead. Time to get back into the groove 😀

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