Sunday, April 12, 2020

Building an Aquarium Stand - Step 5: Adding a Door

A door for the aquarium stand

With the major components of the aquarium stands now built, I just needed to do one more thing before I put everything together,

As I mentioned in my initial design sketches for the stand, I wanted to have a door to cover up the front storage opening in order to hide all of George's food and supplies.

To construct the door, I first took measurements of the opening in the front of the aquarium stand. 

Using those dimensions, I then cut a 3/4 inch sheet of plywood to that size. 

Measuring the opening
Measuring the opening
Plywood cut to the dimensions that I just measured

At this point, the plywood panel could very easily fit into the opening of the aquarium stand, and by simply adding some hinges and a door handle would make a very serviceable as a door. 

But in this case, I wanted to dress things up a bit and opted for adding a bit of a decorative border around the outside edges of the door, making it a little oversized to the opening which would have the door sitting out from the face of the aquarium stand, making it "pop" out a little. 

To make the border I first cut out a few lengths on 3/4 inch X 3/4 inch strips of pine, making sure that the strips were long enough to cover all four sides of the door. 

3/4 X 3/4 inch strips

I then rounded over one side of the strips using a round-over bit on my router table,

Rounding over one side
Side rounded over

Next, I cut the border to size so that were they were a couple of inches longer than the sides of the plywood panel.

I then cut the corners of the border at a 45-degree angle, making sure that the long side of the angle cuts was on the same side as the rounded over side of the border. I also made sure that the short end of the angles met at the corners of the plywood in order to ensure that I would have nice tight corners when I attached the border.

Border cut to size

The last step was to run a bead of glue along the edge of the plywood panel and I then attached the border in place, making sure that the 45-degree cuts formed tight 90 degree corners. 

Once everything was in place, I then held everything in place with clamps until the glue dried. 

Clamped in place

Once the glue had dried, I had a finished door, 

The finished door

This formally ends the construction phase of the aquarium stand, the next step is to assemble all the pieces and finish up the project. 

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